I apologize for not posting recently. I have been very busy. From now until June 5 there will not be any posts because on June 2 I am getting married! I will return in two weeks happy and newly-wed to continue sharing the Medieval jewels I discover. For the American followers, Happy Memorial Day!

May 25 -
Dear Dedicate Medieval Followers

This blog serves at my art history outlet. I mainly focus on Medieval. Most images are from other sources. Images that I have taken personally are noted as such, if you are interested in using or obtaining a copy of a photo please contact me at arthistoryblogCQ@gmail.com Notes and tidbits are added for informational purposes, such as date, location, general period and basic visual analysis. If you have any questions about a specific piece please do not hesitate to ask. I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2009 with a BA in Art History and Spanish. My main goal is to travel throughout Spain and Europe documenting and sharing the lesser known Medieval monuments and works of art.